Top 9 Things E-Cig Customers Want to Know!

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In the course of fielding constant customer queries, Green Smoke’s award-winning customer service professionals have heard it all. However, there are some questions that come up again and again. It seems that electronic cigarette smokers – whatever their age, race, gender, or geographical location –generally have the same or similar concerns regarding their e-cigs.

So we asked one of our senior customer service reps what questions she and her colleagues were asked most often – and how the reps replied. So as a public service to all e-cig smokers (drum roll please), here are the top 9 things Green Smoke customers want to know:

1. Which flavor and nicotine level should I purchase?

While Absolute Tobacco™ is the most popular flavor and 1.8 the best-selling nicotine level, the flavor and nicotine level you choose really depends on your taste … and previous smoking experience. A menthol smoker? Try Menthol Ice™ or, alternatively, Absolute Tobacco™ or Mountain Clove™. Used to hand-rolled cigarettes? Go for Absolute Tobacco ™ Strong (2.4%). At home with strong tobacco flavors? Check out Red Label Tobacco™ Strong. Accustomed to menthol light cigarettes?? Enjoy Menthol Ice™ Light (1.2%). Or, if you’re fun and adventurous, try our Mocha Mist™, Smooth Chocolate™, or Vanilla Dreams™ flavors. You get the picture.

2. How long does the battery last?

Your Green Smoke® batteries have a lengthy lifespan. Short batteries last between 6 to 10 cigarettes worth of smoking and take between 3-4 hours to fully charge. Long batteries last between 10 to 15 cigarettes worth of smoking with 4 to 6 hours’ charging time.

3. How long does each cartridge last?

FlavorMax™ cartomizers can last up to 30 cigarettes worth of smoking, or about 360 puffs. If you experience slightly different results, it may be due to the length and strength of your inhale or other variables. Once the rubber plugs have been removed, and if kept in optimal conditions, your cartomizer will stay fresh for about 2 weeks (or 18 months in an unopened package for long-term storage). Refrigeration is recommended.

4. How much does it cost to continue smoking Green Smoke® e-cigs?

It all depends on how much you smoke. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, paying $6 a pack for 20 (traditional) cigarettes, you’re spending about $2190 a year on your smoking. If you switch to Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, you can enjoy up to 1.5 packs’ worth of traditional cigarettes with every single FlavorMax™ cartomizer. With each cartomizer pack (5 carts per pack) costing just $16.97 (or even lower if you purchase on sale or in bulk), you’ll be spending as little as $827 a year on the same smoking experience – a savings of more than 50 percent!

5. Can I get a discount? Do you have sales?

New to e-cigs? Take advantage of our FREE Trial offers ($4.95 shipping cost). No commitments to any future orders – but limited to one USB cigarette trial per person/household and to U.S. residents at least 18 years old. An e-cig smoker in the US who does not yet use Green Smoke®? Check out our free Trade-in Program – exchange a battery-charger combination of any competitor-brand for a Green Smoke® Essentials Kit. Enjoy our rich FlavorMax™ flavors, award winning customer service, plus free shipping. Finally, get great discounts offered at our many seasonal promotions.

6. How much is shipping?

You get free shipping on ALL domestic orders purchased through our website. No minimum order, special requirements, hassles, or headaches. Spend over $200 and we’ll upgrade you to free 2-Day Shipping! Plus – our Absolutely Free Shipping also includes all domestic returns and replacements! Call our Customer Service Department at 1-877-473-3676 for details.

7. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Free shipping orders on domestic orders can take up to 2 business days to ship, and 5 to 8 business days to arrive. For upgraded domestic shipping options, expect the following arrival times:

Expedited Delivery: 3 to 5 Business Days

Priority Delivery: 2 to 3 Business Days

Overnight Delivery: Next Business Day

Priority Overnight: Next Business Day in Early A.M.

(Call our Customer Service for international shipping/delivery times.)

8. What is the battery with the wire coming out of it? How do I use it?

That would be our USB cigarette (our “constant power” e-cig). It’s an alternate power source for the FlavorMax™ Cartomizer that lets you enjoy your e-cigs while on your computer – without running out of battery charge. It’s easy to use – just screw the cartomizer into the USB cigarette, plug it into a USB port and start smoking – you’ll never need to “recharge” it.

9. Who is behind the Green Smoke® products?

Green Smoke, Inc. is a US-based company driven by American ingenuity and technology. It is an innovation hub staffed with top-notch US engineers, scientists, designers, developers, and quality control professionals. Just 5 years in the market, we are proud to have already sold over 25 million products worldwide.

* All offers and specifications noted on this page are subject to change without notice.

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