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Valentine’s Day Ideas: Ten Practical Tips on How to Reignite that Spark!


Relationship TipsValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and now is your chance to reignite the excitement that may have slowly dissipated over the year. We all know the usual suggestions: a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, etc.  But wouldn’t it be nice to try something a little more original? To do something that actually showed that you truly care? Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas and relationship tips for how to light that fire that may have started to go out in your relationship. (These tips can be used for either gender; male or feminine pronouns are employed only to serve as an example.)

1. Leave a note in her lunch. Want to show her that she’s special to you? Take a simple piece of paper, and jot down a quick message, telling her what she means to you. When she’s not looking, slip it in her purse, lunch bag, or coat pocket. She’ll be happily surprised when she stumbles upon it later that day.

2. Dig up some old photos. If you’re married, when was the last time you looked at your wedding album together? If you’re not married, when was the last time you looked over those pictures that you took the first time you starting going out? Reviewing old photos is a great way to transport you, together, to years gone by. Relive the moments.

3. Go for a walk – and leave your cellphones at home! Imagine spending just one half hour together with no calls or messages interrupting you.  Take a stroll together, and –this is daring, but give it a shot – make eye contact! You’ll be amazed at the connection you can make with your loved one when you eliminate smart phones, tablets, and all other electronic distractions from your conversation.

4. Connect him with an old friend. This one takes a little more organizational skills, but if you can pull it off, it’s sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face. Get in touch with his old friend from childhood or college days, and arrange a surprise trip. He’ll be thrilled that you thought of him in this special way.

5. Here’s an oldie but a goody: have a romantic candlelight dinner.  Pull out all the stops for this one. Make a reservation in a fancy restaurant that you normally would never go to. Tip the waiter in advance so that he or she gives you the extra service you’re looking for. Ambiance really matters, so make sure you choose the right spot. Bon appetit!

6. Do something for your partner. This means do something simple for her that you do NOT necessarily enjoy yourself. There is nothing more touching than seeing a spouse sacrifice on your behalf. Does your partner hate doing the laundry? Insist that you do all of it for one week straight. Does she hate cleaning the house? YOU do it for the week. Think to yourself- what does my partner really hate doing – and then take it off of her plate!

7. Be spontaneous! Without any prior preparations, go away for the day. Spend a night away from life and give yourselves a chance to step out of the routine. The day-to-day rat race can really suck the life out of any relationship. Solution? Get out of the rat race. The key here is: don’t make it anything too special. Just go! Find a place not too far away where you can easily go, and simply hang out for a day. You won’t regret it.

8. Create a scavenger hunt for your gift. Yes, really! Buy a personal gift that you know will make him happy. Use clues that are particular to you and your relationship to lead him step by step to the gift. This is lots of fun, and results in a gift. What could be better?

9. Write a poem or a song. Again, yes, really! You don’t need to be a professional artist to produce a work of art. Think about some of your feelings, put them down on paper. Make them rhyme, or don’t. Either way, the time you took to actually create something will surely touch her heart.

10. Arrange for a delivery – of balloons, flowers, or whatever else you know she likes- to her workplace. There’s nothing that will make her feel more special than a public display of your love. Follow up with a phone call to tell her directly what she means to you.

How do you put the “spark” back in your relationship?  Please share below!

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