We’re Sponsoring TJ Bell In This Years Coca Cola 600 NASCAR Race

TJ-Bell-Racing-Green-Smoke-NASCARWe’re proud to announce that for the 2nd year in a row, we’ll be sponsoring TJ Bell in NASCAR’s longest, most grueling race, the Coca Cola 600.

We’re very excited to be sponsoring TJ again. He’s one of NASCAR’s rising stars and is coming off a phenomenal rookie season (he was even in the running for the NASCAR Rookie of the Year Award last year).

So be sure to tune into FOX on Sunday May 27 to watch TJ Bell drive the Green Smoke #32 Ford Fusion in the biggest and most grueling races of the year, the Coca Cola 600.

And be sure to check out the Green Smoke Racing site so that you can stay updated on everything that’s happening!

Recap of the 2011 Racing Season

It’s no surprise that e-cigarette companies want a slice of the NASCAR pie. Cigarettes have long been a tradition at NASCAR and what’s now called the Sprint Cup Series, for decades was known as the Winston Cup Series.

Last year Green Smoke made history when we announced our sponsorship of TJ Bell. This year we’re preparing to do some even bigger and better things, and the first will be sponsoring TJ in the Coca Cola 600 (don’t worry, he’s already qualified.)

So why is this significant?

Because electronic cigarettes bring back the roots of NASCAR – and fans can sit back in the stands and enjoy their cigarette while watching the race once again.

Traditional cigarettes have been banned from NASCAR races since 2003 and Winston lost the rights to the name of the Cup Series. Since then smokers have been out of luck when they go to a NASCAR race.

But with the introduction of electronic cigarettes, smokers are once again able to enjoy the rich cigarette flavor they expect and deserve without having to miss even one second of the race.

The reason smokers can smoke at NASCAR events is because Green Smoke electronic cigarettes emit no cigarette odor, and therefore don’t apply to many smoking bans.

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