What is a USB Cigarette Anyway?

Have you ever had your electronic cigarette run out of power right when you needed it most? If so, the USB cigarette is the perfect addition to your electronic cigarette collection. What is it exactly? A USB cigarette is an electronic device that has a long cord with a USB plug attached to it. Just plug it in into your computer, screw on your favorite cartridge flavor and you are ready to start vaping. Keep one next to your laptop, it is always ready when you are!

The USB cigarette is also compatible with the wall and car adapters in the Green Smoke® USB Cigarette Kit. So if you are away from your computer you can continue smoking with either the wall or car adapter which is included in the Kit. Please note that the car adapter is for passenger use only.

The new Green Smoke® USB Cigarette Kit has everything you need to get started. It makes a great gift too.

2 Responses to “What is a USB Cigarette Anyway?”

  1. Rolo Tomasi says:

    Some people call USB cigs “pass-throughs”

  2. Mr Cig says:

    All these e cigs seem to come with several ways to charge the battery or they have a spare battery. I find they last a long time.

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