Why Green Smoke® Combines the Atomizer and the Cartridge

The Makings of an E-CigaretteIf you have been using electronic cigarettes for some time then you know what the dark ages of e cigs were like before Green Smoke® came on the scene. Electronic cigarettes didn’t taste that good, the batteries didn’t last long enough and the atomizers often got clogged with the vaporizing liquid. This resulted in a big old mess. Many people were frustrated with these dinosaur electronic cigarettes. That is why Green Smoke® decided to take a different approach to e-cigarettes. We took the leap and combined the atomizer and the cartridge into one product and renamed it the cartomizer. The result? A smoother, cleaner, and fresher smoking experience.

Then we took it a step further and created a series of powerful flavors with huge vapor volume. We called these richly flavored, longer-lasting cartomizers: FlavorMax™. As pioneers who decided to combine these two pieces, we paved the way for many other companies. Now, cartomizers are the industry standard.

What exactly was the problem with keeping the flavor cartridge and the atomizer separate? The biggest issue was that the vaporizing liquid within the flavor cartridge would eventually start to clog the atomizer. Using the same atomizer over and over again led to a poor tasting and inferior vaping experience.

Although users tried to clean the atomizer and eventually replaced them – we knew that there had to be a better way. It was clear that making the atomizer disposable was the preferred solution, as there would be no reason for the atomizer to get clogged. From now on the atomizer would no longer detract from with the e-smoker’s experience.

Therefore, it made perfect sense to combine the atomizer with the flavored cartridge. After users smoke them, they can throw them out. They don’t have to keep the atomizers to reuse them. So every cartomizer provides a fresh and sensational smoking experience.

It was a win-win for everyone.

Each FlavorMax™ cartomizer gives you about 360 puffs, depending on your vaping habits. Once you’ve used up the liquid, you simply toss out the cartomizer and pop a new one onto the battery. No mess, no fuss and everyone is happy.


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