Why I Switched to E-Cigarettes: An Interview with Broadway Bill Lee

Broadway Bill Switches to E-Cigs

Green Smoke recently interviewed Broadway Bill Lee – well-known radio announcer of the popular station 101FM-NY’s Greatest Hits. He’s a well-liked celebrity with multiple industry awards, who’s also done lots of charity work for organizations. A long-standing smoker who has switched to electronic cigarettes, Broadway Bill tells us how Green Smoke® e-cigs has made a difference in his work, his relationships, and his overall lifestyle Green Smoke: Bill, how long have you been a tobacco smoker?

Broadway Bill: I’ve been smoking regular cigarettes for 44 years – longer than I would have wanted to.

GS: How does smoking make you feel?

BB: I live a very hectic life. Smoking eases tension, alleviates stress, relaxes me, and even exhilarates! Simply having a few puffs actually gives me a lift.

GS: How has being a smoker affected your life?

BB: Sadly, it has affected my life in some very negative ways. With smoking bans encroaching more and more these days, my freedom to smoke had been compromised and my social life restricted. Wherever I went, I had to worry about being permitted to smoke. Preoccupation with details like this limited my lifestyle – and definitely affected my work, my relationships and, yes, my self-esteem.

GS: How long has it been since you started using e-cigarettes?

BB: Ah! This November, I will be celebrating two years of freedom to smoke almost anywhere I want.

GS: And what has been your e-cig experience so far?

BB: E-cigarettes are definitely a viable alternative to smoking and, since I’ve started smoking e-cigs and like them better than traditional cigarettes, I’ve been able to avoid using regular cigarettes altogether. More importantly, now that I’m no longer “banished” from no-smoking places, I no longer feel like a “second-class citizen”!

GS: How realistic or authentic is the Green Smoke smoking experience compared to that of tobacco cigarettes?

BB: I have found Green Smoke® e-cigs to be the best of all the e-cigarettes I’ve tried. While this may seem over the top, to me Green Smoke is the end result of an “evolutionary process” – in which all the features and nuances that go into a great e-cig experience have now been perfected.

And yes, smoking Green Smoke® e-cigs indeed feels like “real smoking,” though to me, it is far superior to smoking a regular tobacco cigarette.

GS: How has being a Green Smoke® e-cig smoker affected your life?

BB: I tell many who ask (and some who don’t, but are complaining about their regular cigarettes) how much Green Smoke® e-cig has changed my life. Besides the smoking pleasure it gives, it’s easy to use, easy and compact to carry, and very convenient. It’s a great advantage (and a big deal!) to be able to “vape” in my car, as well as in the studio where I work under pressure and have to be highly energetic and think on my feet for four straight hours.

GS: How does using Green Smoke® e-cig make you feel?

BB: Since I’ve started smoking Green Smoke, I enjoy the whole experience rather than hiding and getting it over with. , I no longer smell like I’ve been in a fire and my fingers aren’t yellow. God, I love 21st century technology! You can have it all.

GS: What does your family think about your use of electronic cigarettes?

BB: They’re glad that I have taken some action about my smoking and switched from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. They really appreciate that my presence no longer brings smoke, odor, and ash into the house! My wife’s especially happy because now that I can vape during my radio show, I’ve been using what used to be my seven-minute cigarette break to give her a call instead.

GS: What do you like most about Green Smoke?

BB: I love the fact that it’s not constantly getting weak or dying on me. This is a well-thought-out, well-researched, and reliable product that’s become a part of my everyday life.

GS: What’s your favorite Green Smoke flavor and why?

BB: I really love Mocha Mist because I like smoking most while drinking coffee, so this flavor gives me the best of both worlds.

GS: Where do you like smoking your e-cigs? Everywhere you used to smoke regular cigs?

BB: Well, I can still go outside the studio and join the circle of smokers there for a chat, but now I mostly smoke my e-cigs 1) in the studio 2) in my car, but 3) NOT out in the garage on freezing cold days.

GS: Do you get questions or curious looks when people see you smoke your e-cigs?

BB: Almost always, and I have become the salesman and a coach pushing people to find a solution to the challenges they face and a make a lifestyle change like I did. Some listen, some don’t, but they all agree it’s a great step up.

Broadway Bill Lee

Click on the picture to hear Broadway Bill describe his experience with Green Smoke® E-cigs.

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    Love the products. Where do I find green smoke??

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    Glad to hear it. You can check out our store locator to see if there is a store nearby that carries our products: http://www.greensmoke.com/locator.html or buy online: http://www.greensmoke.com/.

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  4. Roger Taht says:

    Love to see people making the switch! I feel better using e cigs and it is always a great conversation starter around other smokers. I also love that I don’t have to go outside as well!

  5. john kelly says:

    If Bill Lenkey says its good its good.

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    I ordered my regular 12 pack on thursday nite they were shipped first thing friday morning when i went on the website for my tracking number I noticed the delivery address was wrong i called customer service they shipped me another order to the correct address and upgraded my shipping status to overnite with no additional charge! That’s why I’ve been with GREENSMOKE since 2010 and will continue to enjoy a great product and even better customer service. Lee Elder

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