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“Help…I Don’t Know Which E-Cigarette Flavor Blends to Choose!”


How many times have we heard this customer “complaint”?

Okay, we agree. With its awesome flavor blends and rich, thick vapor, with its long-lasting cartridges and dependable batteries, the Green Smoke® electronic cigarette is pretty hard to beat. Add to these the fact that it leaves no offensive odor, ash, or cigarette butts behind and it’s pretty easy to choose Green Smoke over other brands. But choosing which e-cigarette flavor varieties to try? Hmmm…not so easy.

Your options include three unique tobacco flavor blends – plus Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Smooth Cream, and Mountain Clove. That’s seven different ways to flavor your life! If you find it hard to decide which to try from this overabundance of choices – here’s a simple clue: You are what you vape!

Like authenticity?

Absolute Tobacco  Come enjoy its smooth taste and rich aroma – in the tradition of the classic American tobacco blends.

Bold and daring?

Red Label Tobacco™ Go with this ultra robust and bold flavor, with unique woody overtones. As intrepid and striking as you are.

Extravagant and indulgent?

Tobacco Gold™ Indulge in the luxe and sublime. Burley, Oriental, and Virginia tobaccos blended for a rich, complex taste.

Cool and sophisticated?

Menthol Ice™ Enjoy the coolest flavor on the planet! Pure, unadulterated menthol taste crafted for the sophisticated and modern vaper.

Coffee lover?

Mocha Mist™ Get a taste of freshly ground and roasted coffee, with just a hint of nuttiness. Enjoy that morning-coffee feeling all day long.

Prefer subtle and fine flavors?

Smooth Cream™ The gourmet and mildly sweet taste of fresh cream and fragrant extracts. Enjoy a delicate, refined flavor blend.

Love the exotic?

Mountain Clove™ Take a drag of our specially formulated clove blend.Uniquely warm and aromatic, with whispers of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Still not sure which flavor variety to try? Then try our FlavorMax™ Variety Pack!

Make your decision easy by sampling all of Green Smoke’s top flavors. Enjoy the rich full flavor of Absolute Tobacco, Red Label Tobacco™, Tobacco Gold™, Menthol Ice™, and Smooth Cream™ – all in 1.8% Nicotine level – when you buy the FlavorMax™ Variety Pack.

Green Smoke® FlavorMax™ cartridges – different flavor blends for different folks. But whichever one you choose, you’ll be sure to flavor your life by vaping Green Smoke® e-cigarettes!