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Enjoy the Exotic Taste of Green Smoke®’s Newest Flavor Blend


Mountain Clove™ is the newest flavor blend in the Green Smoke® cartridge line up. It brings the uniquely aromatic clove – a robust and popular spice – to vapers who want to enjoy a new, exotic taste experience.

Clove – native to Indonesia and other south Asian countries – produces a uniquely warm, sweet-ish flavor. “Like this highly valued spice, Green Smoke® Mountain Clove™ flavor blend has a very aromatic taste that conjures the exotic tropical climes from where it originates,” says Aliza Bleier, Product Marketing Manager.

In creating our Mountain Clove™ flavor blend, Green Smoke® eCig flavor experts have extracted the essence of clove and sampled an array of different flavor combinations until they found the perfect blend of sweet and spicy that customers with a taste for the exotic have been waiting for.

Best of all, like other Green Smoke® flavor blends, our Mountain Clove™ cartridge is available in the complete range of nicotine strengths – from 0% to 2.4%.

The new Mountain Clove™ flavor blend is now the seventh one utilizing Green Smoke®’s cutting-edge FlavorMax™ technology that maximizes flavor and produces one of the highest vapor volumes in the industry. The Mountain Clove™ cartridge also comes with the FlavorShield™ and GreenSeal™ technologies to lock in the flavor and is triple-sealed to ensure freshness.

Mountain Clove™’s spicy and exotic taste is unique in the e-cigarette market. Try Mountain Clove™ cartridge and spice up your vaping experience.