Facebook Powered – Green Smoke’s Summer Sale Gives Customers 20% Off Everything Sitewide!

August is here, and with it comes the sizzling “dog days” of summer. To celebrate the hottest days of the year, Green Smoke® is preparing to unleash a sizzling 20%-off sitewide sale. To take advantage of this spectacular opportunity, electronic cigarette customers simply need to visit Green Smoke®’s Facebook page and “Like” the page. They’ll then be given instant approval, as well as all of the information they’ll need to take advantage the sale. 

“Our Facebook page is a great place for customers to meet others in the Green Smoke® community,” says Ken Berg, Green Smoke® Program Marketing Manager. “Not only can they be in direct contact with us, but it’s also a great platform to interact with the entire Green Smoke® community.”

Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that produce a rich, flavorful vapor. This vapor looks and tastes just like cigarette smoke, but because it emits no offensive cigarette smells, it can be smoked in places that cigarettes are normally banned.

Green Smoke® is a leader in the electronic cigarette industry. Their FlavorMax™ Cartomizers are among the longest lasting available and produce the flavor that every smoker expects and deserves.

“No more smell, mess, or being treated like a leper by non-smokers!” says Libby R., a Green Smoke customer. “I’ll never go back to traditional cigarettes! Now I get all the benefits/enjoyment of smoking without any of the negatives!”

The Green Smoker® Summer Sale is the perfect time to stock up on everything you’ll need to smoke e-cigarettes. If you’re a new customer you can check out Green Smoke’s industry leading starter kits, which contain everything you need to start smoking e-cigarettes. You can check out Green Smoke’s handy guide to selecting the starter kit that’s right for you by clicking here.

To take advantage of the Summer Sale, go to Green Smoke’s Facebook page, “Like” the page, and you’ll be instantly approved and given access to the 20% off coupon code. This code can be used for every product at www.greensmoke.com. The sale runs from August 13-16 so take action today!

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