Green Smoke® Announces its One Year FlavorMax™ Anniversary Sale – 15% off All FlavorMax™ Cartomizers

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 16, 2012-

Last July, Green Smoke®, the makers of high quality electronic cigarettes, launched their new FlavorMax™ Cartomizers. This release completely changed the landscape of the electronic cigarette industry. The new cartomizers produced an unbelievable rich flavor, were rated by e-cig experts as having “the highest smoke volume they’d ever seen,” and each cartomizer now lasted as much as 1.5 packs of regular cigarettes – making the equivalent price for a pack of cigarettes fall as low as $1.82.

1 year later, FlavorMax™ Cartomizers still have yet to meet their match.

To honor the 1 year anniversary of their launch, Green Smoke® is offering a special sale, where electronic cigarette customers can get 15% off all FlavorMax™ cartomizer options at All they need to do is ‘Like’ Green Smoke’s Facebook page to get the 15% off code ( The sale runs from July 16-19.

“Last year when we launched FlavorMax™ we knew the response would be positive, but we had no idea exactly how much,” says Ken Berg, Green Smoke’s Program Marketing Manager. “We’ve always done what we thought our customers would most benefit from, and their reaction to FlavorMax™ was extremely positive. A year later, FlavorMax™ is still one of the best cartomizers available. We’re just happy that we’re able to continue giving our customers the awesome smoking experience they deserve.”

Green Smoke® has always been known for its innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. They released their FlavorMax™ Cartomizers at a time when other companies in the industry were focusing their attention away from the cigarette to other accessory products – assuming electronic cigarette technology had reached its peak and no more improvements could be made.

FlavorMax™ set new standards for freshness, cartomizer life, experience and –most importantly – flavor.

The One Year FlavorMax™ Anniversary Sale runs from July 16-19. Go to Green Smoke’s Facebook Page at and ‘Like’ the page now to take advantage of the sale.

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