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Get Your Groove Back… with Electronic Cigarettes!


Finding time for dating is hard enough. But electronic cigarettes like Green Smoke® e-cigs offer a great solution that can make dates smoother and more enjoyable:

Make a great first impression – vape without annoying anyone with unpleasant odor!

Nothing ruins romance and ambiance faster than offensive odor – no getting up close and personal with that in the way! Fortunately, there’s the Green Smoke® electronic cigarette. With Green Smoke® e-cigs, there’s no no ash, cigarette butts, and fabric-clinging odor to deal with. It runs on a rechargeable battery – heating up the vaping liquid inside the cartridge and turning the liquid into a full-flavored vapor.

Dating Smokers

Enjoy your date without interrupting it – just to take a puff

When you’re having a great time, the last thing you want to do is break the momentum just because you need to take a puff. Because Green Smoke® e-cig leaves no offensive odor, ash, or cigarette butts behind, you don’t have leave in the middle of a great conversation to “go outside” for a quick puff. Feel free to smoke Green Smoke® e-cigarettes outdoors or indoors

Savor the moment with an unmatched smoking experience

Happiness is contagious, and sometimes the key to a successful date is just to enjoy yourself. And you surely will with the Green Smoke® e-cigarette. Its innovative FlavorMax™ technology provides exceptionally high vapor volume. And when it comes to flavors and nicotine strengths, it gives you a whole lot of choices. Whether bold and robust (Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold™, Red Label Tobacco™), cool and menthol-y (Menthol Ice™), richly gourmet (Mocha Mist™, Vanilla Dreams™, Smooth Chocolate™), or even exotic (Mountain Clove™), every flavor is full of character and taste.

So…if you’re in the dating scene. here’s Tip 1: Get your groove back with a little help from Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes.