Get Your Groove Back… with Electronic Cigarettes!

Finding time for dating is hard enough, but throw cigarettes into the mix and the options can become limited really fast. Luckily Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes offer the perfect solution for all single daters who smoke:

Make a great first impression – smoke sans smoker’s breath or cigarette odor!

Nothing ruins romance and ambiance faster than cigarette odor. And nothing turns people off more than smoker’s breath – no getting up close and personal with that in the way! Fortunately, if either one or both of you smoke, there are Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. With Green Smoke® e-cigs, there’s no need to light up – and no ash, butts, and fabric-clinging odor to deal with. It runs on a rechargeable battery – heating up the smoking liquid inside the cartomizer to which the battery is attached and turning the liquid into a full-flavored vapor.

Dating Smokers

Enjoy your date without interrupting it – just to smoke

When you’re having a great time, the last thing you want to do is break the momentum just because you need to smoke. With Green Smoke®’s ash-free and odor-free qualities, you don’t have leave in the middle of a great conversation to “go outside” for a cigarette break or stand on the street corner for a quick puff. Feel free to smoke Green Smoke® e-cigarettes in bars and restaurants… museums and dance clubs…taxis, buses, and subway trains…in fact, almost anywhere traditional cigarettes are usually banned.

Savor the moment with an unmatched smoking experience

Happiness is contagious, and sometimes the key to a successful date is just to enjoy yourself. And you surely will with Green Smoke® e-cigarettes. Its innovative FlavorMax™ technology provides not just convenience, but also exceptionally high smoke volume and a whole range of flavors and nicotine strengths. Whether bold and robust (Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Red Label Tobacco), cool and refreshing (Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist), or pleasantly sweet (Vanilla Dreams, Smooth Chocolate), every flavor is rich in character and taste.

So…if you’re in the dating scene. here’s Tip 1: Get your groove back with a little help from Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes.

One Response to “Get Your Groove Back… with Electronic Cigarettes!”

  1. Mayra W. Torres says:

    You know it is so heart breaking that Canadian Government has banned e-cigs in the country whereas people can smoke conventional cigarettes.

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