7 Things We’re Grateful For

ThanksgivingWe at Green Smoke® are thankful for a great many things. But if we list them all, we’ll need until New Years to finish. So here is our very shortened list:

7. We’re thankful (and honored) to produce an incredible electronic cigarette.
6. We’re thankful that we’re able to come to work every day knowing that we’re making an impact on so many people’s lives.
5. We’re thankful to our amazing partners who work hard bringing our message to so many people and are helping us change the world with our products.
4. We’re thankful for the Green Smoke® team – great people who are enthusiastic, talented and just inspirational to work with.
3. We’re thankful to Ken Berg who does a great job communicating with our customers and making sure that everyone is taken care of.
2. We’re grateful for the internet that provides a sensational environment to create value, turn strangers into friends, laugh at funny pictures, and build things that we previously never thought possible.
1. And the #1 thing we’re grateful for is you. Our customers. Together we make things happen.

As an added treat, we just posted our new video – with footage submitted by YOU.



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