Green Smoke’s Customer Service Team Makes a Bride’s Day

June 26 was going to be a big day for John and Diane – one’s wedding day usually is.

The flowers were ordered, the caterer paid, invitations sent out…yet it seemed like the list of things to do was actually increasing instead of decreasing!

Diane had also made a decision. She absolutely did not want to smoke regular cigarettes the day of her wedding. She didn’t want to risk any ash or soot staining her wedding dress and she definitely didn’t want smoker’s breath.

A few months ago John’s friend Matt offered them a Green Smoke® electronic cigarette to try, and they had both been blown away by its realistic cigarette flavor and lack of cigarette smell.

This was exactly what Diane wanted on her wedding day. So she and John got in touch with Matt and asked him if they could borrow his kit for the wedding.

John was of course thrilled that he’d be able to contribute to his friend and his fiancé’s special day and immediately agreed.

This was the Thursday before the Saturday wedding. Matt went home to gather everything he needed: charger, e-cigarette batteries, and plenty of cartomizers.

To his shock and dismay, he discovered that he couldn’t find his charger, leaving his e-cig battery lifeless, and to make matters worse he was smack out of cartomizers. Talk about bad timing!

Not sure what to do, Matt got on the phone with Green Smoke’s customer service and explained the problem. After a few minutes on the phone, the rep he spoke to was already writing up the order: Menthol Ice FlavorMax™ Cartomizers (Diane’s a menthol smoker) and a brand new charger. These items were then sent FEDEX Priority Overnight.

Now the question was, would the items make it in time for the wedding?

Friday morning the Fedex delivery guy pulled up to Matt’s house. In addition to handing him his package, he also removed the huge weight that had been on Matt’s shoulders. He charged his e-cig batteries and later that day presented them to Diane with a hearty “congratulations.”

The wedding was beautiful. John and Diane got married on a picturesque background of a beautiful lake. Everything went perfectly.

And as Green Smoke’s gift to the new couple, we sent them a Love Birds Kit!


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