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E-Cigs: No Nasty Smell, No Dirty Ashtrays!


There are many reasons to use Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. You’ll love the rich, robust flavor blends and incredibly high vapor volume, all thanks to superior cartridge technology. You’ll  enjoy the ease of use and affordability. But many vapers also appreciate that Green Smoke® e-cigs have no offensive odor, ash, or cigarette butts – important qualities that make them a great choice when vaping in the same room with friends or colleagues. Here’s why:

No offensive odor to annoy others

There’s no more satisfying sensation than vaping while relaxing at home. With Green Smoke® e-cigarettes you can vape all you want without worrying about  bothering or annoying anybody. That’s because there’s NO unpleasant odor! The Green Smoke® e-cig’s innovative design consists of a flavored cartridge and a long-lasting battery that heats the cartridge to produce a full-flavored vapor. This thick, rich mist or vapor is the only thing that comes out of your e-cig.

…or make you and your home smell like an ashtray

Nobody wants a home that smells like an ashtray. Not you. Not your spouse. You wouldn’t want to invite your friends over and get embarrassed by the odor clinging to the carpet, curtains, clothes, and furniture. Green Smoke® e-cig emits no offensive odor. This saves you not just from embarrassment, but also from expensive dry cleaning costs (which may not remove the odor anyway).

No ash and cigarette butts to mess up your home

Houses are made to be lived in, so moving, walking, and even dancing around the house to your favorite tune are par for the course. With Green Smoke® e-cigs, you don’t have to worry about ash or cigarette butts. No more constant cleaning up…no more need for ashtrays…and no more fear that someone will inadvertently knock over an ashtray-full of butts onto your immaculate carpet!

Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes…everything you need for an unparalleled vaping experience.


At Green Smoke® e-vapor, we take our responsibility to keep e-cigarettes from underage smokers seriously. Not only don’t we sell Green Smoke® e-cigs to minors (those 18 and below), but our potent Age Verification System ensures that and its affiliates will refuse service to anyone who is under the legal smoking age in his or her jurisdiction, terminate his or her accounts, or cancel orders immediately.