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Spring in October: How to Make the Most of the Fall


How to Make the Most of the Fall Season

Is autumn yet another spring? With leaves “blossoming” into brilliant displays of crimson, gold, and burnt orange colors, it may as well be.  Yes, with the slightly chilly, slightly crispy, but thoroughly cleansing air…with visions of winter holidays to come…who cannot fall under the spell of autumn? But this lovely season comes but once a year and, before you know it, will soon vanish in the snow. So here some quick tips to make sure you make the most of the fall season!

Do a “Fall Cleaning”

Why not? It’s the best time to de-clutter your home of summer’s vestiges and prepare for the winter ahead. Clean up your yard and garage. Make sure your shovels, ice scrapers and other winter tools are within easy reach. Get your storm windows ready. If relevant, disassemble and stow away your patio furniture. You may also want to switch light summer curtains to heavier, season-appropriate drapes. And of course, clear your closet and bring out your winter coats, boots, and other warm clothing.

Go Apple Picking

‘Tis the season for this popular seasonal activity. Make a day of it. But don’t stop there! Turn your pickings to delectable food and drink. Apple pies immediately come to mind. But so do apple cider, applesauce,  apple chutney, and more. Nothing says fall better than the smell of apples wafting from the kitchen.

Prepare for Halloween

Time to go on a hayride, visit a pumpkin patch, carve the most outlandish pumpkin to put on your doorstep. Or, turn the pumpkin into something delicious – pumpkin pie anyone? How about pumpkin-ginger soup or pumpkin squash ravioli? There’s also pumpkin spice latte – perfect for the cool weather – and even pumpkin bagels. Of course, for the more adventurous, there’s always pumpkin-flavored beer. But, don’t let all this pumpkin edibles make you forget the most important thing to prepare– the Halloween costume you’ve been thinking about all year!

Enjoy the Beauty

No autumn is complete without a drive to see the fall foliage (see a previous blog about this topic). Instagram and record the colors for posterity. Collect every color of leaf that you find and start an autumn leaves album. Go on nature hikes to witness the transition from one season to the next. Pack a picnic and go to a park or, if you can, plan a weekend vacation to a favorite fall destination – Aspen, Vermont, the Catskills or the Adirondacks, the Great Smokey Mountains. There’s nothing like autumn in America!

Stay Home

Who says the only way to enjoy the Fall is to enjoy it outside? Picture this: You and your loved one in front of a cozy fire…the scent of candles lending even more warmth. Hot toddies, home-made soup or stew (with crusty bread, of course), or a glass of cognac waiting for you. A great movie on TV or your fave jazz coming off the stereo. And to complete the picture – your Green Smoke® e-cigarette. With its full-bodied flavor, incredible vapor volume, and realistic sensation, it’s the perfect experience for a perfect autumn evening.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us – how do you make the most out of the Fall season?