Want Free Electronic Cigarette Refills? Here are 3 Ways to Get ‘em

Free Electronic Cigarette

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Which smoker wouldn’t want to get free electronic cigarette refills?

I’ll be the first to tell you that it is completely possible to never pay for cartomizers again.

That’s the good news.

The not so good news, is that you will need to do some work for them…although not as much as you think.


Here are 3 ways you can get Green Smoke cartomizers absolutely free.

  1. Refer a Friend: Last year Green Smoke launched the Refer a Friend program. All you need to do is refer one of your friends to Green Smoke and when they buy a starter kit, we’ll give you $25 in store credit. The math is pretty simple, 1 friend a month will get you a free pack of cartomizers. And for every 3 friends you refer you’ll have enough for 4 packs of cartomizers.
    That’s the first way to get free cartomizers.
  2. Loyalty Points: Another way get free cartomizers is to use your loyalty points. Each time you make a purchase at Green Smoke you’ll receive a certain amount of points. Before you know it you’ll have earned enough points for a free pack of cartomizers.
  3. Become an Affiliate or Promoter: Green Smoke has one of the most active and successful affiliate programs in the electronic cigarette industry. Our reliable, long lasting products have earned a reputation for providing the best e-cig smoking experience. That being said, this makes selling our products extremely easy. When you’ve signed up to the affiliate or promoter program you’ll earn a commission for each item you sell. This is an easy way for you to turn your passion into profit, and a great way to earn extra money that can be used to buy cartomizers.

While these 3 tips are great for getting free cartomizers, don’t forget about all of the other ways you can get discounts on Green Smoke products. The best 2 ways are:

  • Sell products as an affiliate or promoter: As soon as you earn $50 in commission you’ll be able to get a 15% discount on everything you buy from Green Smoke.
  • Our monthly promotions: We typically have at least one sale each month where you can take between 10-20% off most products on the website. So be sure to keep your eye out for them.

So there you have it, 3 ways to get Green Smoke cartomizers for free and 2 ways to get them at a discount.

And if you’re new to Green Smoke, use the coupon code Blog15 when buying a starter kit to get 15% off!

If you’re not sure of Green Smoke e-cigs are right for you then feel free to check out our free trial and get a FREE electronic cigarette


8 Responses to “Want Free Electronic Cigarette Refills? Here are 3 Ways to Get ‘em”

  1. IVAN MONTUFAR says:


  2. Sheila GILLEN says:

    Love, love green smoke!!!! Best ecigarettes on the market. One drawback, and to me it’s serious, it the time it takes to get my auto refill. I would pay the extra money to get it sooner, but was told it is not an option. I can wait anywhere from 10 to22 days for my order via DHL /USPS. Unacceptable to make customers on autorefill to wait that long. We’re you loyal customers!

  3. Valerie says:

    I LOVE my greensmoke cigarettes!!
    I tried a few before I found these.
    They are just like the real thing, without the cost and smell :)
    I even have people switching to this brand from others when thet taste mine :)
    Keep Up The Great Work Greensmoke!!!

  4. Jose says:

    Loyalty and referral programs are effective promotional medias for e-cigarette companies. I have a relative who have joined this program and after referring a few other smokers’ friend to switch to e-cigarette, they’re all happy. My relative is happy because he gets merchandise, discounts and commissions, his friends are happy… Now some of his friends have considered to join similar affiliate programs, too.

  5. Cathy says:

    Green Smoke cigs are the best. I’ve had different ones before but yours is better flavored last longer too you guys rock

  6. Name* says:

    Hi it’s me (Pratap Singh), I am also visiting this site regularly, this web page is truly good and the people are in fact sharing good thoughts.

  7. eBrain Expert says:

    I’ve tried Blu, EZ Cig, Fin, Number 7, Njoy and others. These blow them away! Thanks for Making these are great as they are.

    Scott Godfrey,
    eBrain Expert

  8. Carol says:

    Like the above guy I have vape kits, and have all the above device, only three days after reviewing my free green smoke cigarettes, I ordered the Pro kit. These e chi’s blow every other offered electronic cigarettes away!! I made the investment and hope that the quality continues!! Thank you very much!

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