Get Brand New Cartomizers for Your Old Ones

The Green Smoke® Cartomizer Recycling Program
Send us back your used cartomizers (flavored cartridges) – and we’ll send you a FREE pack of Brand New FlavorMax™ cartomizers! Joining the Green Smoke® Cartomizer Recycling Program is easy:

• Fill a padded envelope or a small shipping box with 80 used cartomizers.• Call Customer Service (877-473-3676) to arrange for free shipping.

• In return for the empty cartomizers, Green Smoke® will reward your account with 25 loyalty points – equivalent to one pack of fresh cartomizers (a $16.97 value) in the flavor and nicotine level of your choice.

Please Note: We WILL be sending the used cartomizers to be recycled. We will NOT be sanitizing them for future use as cartomizers.

Green Smoke Recycling Program

3 Responses to “Get Brand New Cartomizers for Your Old Ones”

  1. L says:

    Do the carts for the program have to be the “new” flavormax carts? or are the original carts acceptable? Thank you :)

  2. Nicole says:

    We will accept all cartomizers, not just FlavorMax.

  3. Karen Gabriel says:

    Do you also take old batteries …. From a different company

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