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Get Brand New Cartridges for Your Old Ones

Recyclign Cartridges
The Green Smoke® Cartridge Recycling Program

Just send 80 used cartridges back – Green Smoke® e-vapor even pays for the shipping – and receive 20 loyalty points. You can use those points to redeem a free pack of cartridges (a $12.99 value!) – or you can save points and buy whatever strikes your fancy.

It’s easy!

1. Save 80 used cartridges.
2. Call Customer Service at (888) 224-1345 to arrange for free return shipping.*
3. Receive 20 loyalty points.
4. Use your points to get a free pack of cartridges.
5. Choose the flavor blend option and nicotine level you want.

*Free return shipping is available for U.S.A. residents only.

Please Note: We WILL be sending the used cartridges to be recycled. We will NOT be sanitizing them for future use as cartridges.