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The Differences Between Smokeless Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes


Numerous generations and a wide-variety of cultures have used tobacco in various forms.  The ancient Maya used tobacco about 1,300 years ago in religious ceremonies and as antidote to snake bites.

When European explorers came to the Americas, they also discovered the joys of tobacco. Since then, the tobacco industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that stretches across the globe. Part of this industry includes a category called smokeless tobacco. This includes dipping tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff.

Dipping tobacco is finely ground or shredded and then chewed.

Chewing tobacco is uncut, and requires the user to grind and crush the tobacco with his teeth to release the flavor and nicotine.  The ancient indigenous North Americans would mix tobacco leaves with mineral lime and chew this mixture.

Snuff is similar to dipping tobacco, but ground even more finely.  The tobacco is then gently inhaled into the nasal cavity.  The indigenous Brazilians are thought to be the first people to create and use snuff.

The main advantage of smokeless tobacco is the ability to use the product even in highly-flammable environments. Also, it is possible to use most smokeless tobacco in public forums, such as restaurants and bars, without bothering other patrons since smokeless equals no second-hand smoke.


In many ways, Green Smoke® eCigs are similar to dipping tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff.  We derive our nicotine and some of our flavorings from the tobacco plant.  Vaping is less intrusive, in that the vapor dissipates within seconds.

The major difference is the technology.  Smokeless tobacco is the oldest form of tobacco consumption, whereas eCigs are the newest form of tobacco derived nicotine consumption.  To use smokeless tobacco, someone needed nothing more than a tobacco leaf and mineral lime.  To use eCigs you need a starter kit.

The other major advantage? No spittoon is necessary, as with chewing tobacco.  Although admittedly, the market for chewing tobacco peaked in 1910, and most modern smokeless tobacco users do not need a spittoon either.

So whether you choose to enjoy the great flavor of smokeless tobacco, or the great flavor of eCigs, it’s worth your while to check out our seven sensational flavor blends and five nicotine levels.  We guarantee your satisfaction 100% with every starter kit we sell.