The Differences Between Smokeless Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes

Tobacco has been a product used in numerous cultures for generations in various forms.

The most common use of tobacco today is in cigarettes. The cigarette industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that stretches across the globe.

Besides cigarettes, many people also use various forms of smokeless tobacco. This includes, dipping tobacco – which is placed in the mouth and sucked, chewing tobacco, as well as other varieties.

People use these smokeless tobacco products as an alternative way to enjoy their tobacco. While they may not be able to smoke a cigarette in a non-smoking area, they’re usually able to use some form of smokeless tobacco there.

But even if they’re able to use the tobacco in a non-smoking area, they will still be plagued with the tobacco smell, which lingers after they’ve finished.

They also need to deal with the tobacco residue that they leave behind. When someone chews tobacco, it releases the flavor into their mouth. It also releases a number of other unwanted juices. This is why chewers need to spit. They’re spitting out the residue that’s released from the tobacco.

One of the more gruesome effects smokeless tobacco products, is that they cause the gum line to recede, exposing the roots of the teeth. Not a pretty sight.

And as we said above, it can cause horrendously bad breath – even worse than cigarettes.

However a great option that tobacco users can choose is electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes offer a great way for tobacco users to enjoy a rich tobacco flavor without any smell. They leave behind behind no disgusting residue, create no tar and the smoking liquid is made up entirely of USP Grade ingredients.

Not only do smokers enjoy the great flavor from electronic cigarettes, they can also control their nicotine level. Take Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes for example, they offer 5 nicotine strengths that range from strong all the way to zero.

In a nutshell, electronic cigarettes are smoked like regular cigarettes but are actually a pleasurable alternative. As you inhale you will notice a rich tobacco flavored vapor that many smokers say taste better than a cigarette.

They’re a great way to enjoy that tobacco flavor without all of the other issues that traditional tobacco brings.

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  1. Very useful post for smokers, thank you for the sharing, please keep up..

  2. Scott Craver says:

    I must say that after being a hardcore smoker for over 40 yrs. I’ve seen the light with ecigs! It took me just a couple of days and now I totally dislike the taste of regular cigarettes.This is a Godsend to me! So all I have to say to all of the tobacco smokers out there, plz try ecigs! I believe that you’ll feel the same.

    Keep Smok’in On

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