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The Story of Our Designer Batteries…


Ok we’ll admit it, we’re really excited about our new designer batteries. Last month when the first shipment came to the office, everyone was amazed by them.

The next step was to name them. We only had a few short weeks before we were launching them and we needed to think up names, and fast!

We knew were going to be calling them “designer batteries” but each battery had such a unique personality that we had to give them a proper name…

So our creative team met to hone in on how exactly we would bring these batteries to life.

We spent a long time banging out a number of names and nothing seemed to fit.

But it’s funny how the creative process works, because when they names came, it was so clear that they were the right ones.

And now we’re proud to introduce our new designer batteries:

Cooperstown Hit it Home: This battery was designed to match our Absolute Tobacco cartridge.  The yellow color and swirl looked so good with the glove and ball. It’s a hall-of-famer starting from the first puff.


El PasoStrong and Smooth: This battery matches our Red Label Tobacco cartridge and reminds us of the ‘ol west. Images of Native Americans and horses come to mind. It was a time when life was wilder, yet simpler at the same time. Where you changed horseshoes instead of tires, and a six-shooter and a deep tan were a way of life.


New Orleans All That Jazz: This one was clearly New Orleans. The first word that comes to mind is “jazzy,” and it matched so well with Menthol Ice. We had to name it after the home of jazz.


ChicagoMy Kind of Cigarette: Tobacco Gold best complements this battery. Its patterned design reminded of me of an upscale restaurant I visited once in Chicago, where we were served an impeccably moist piece of lamb with garlic mushrooms. The piano-man in the restaurant wore a vest that exactly matched the design of this battery, so we named the battery in his honor.



SeattleOwn the Day: It’s no coincidence that this battery matches our Mocha Mist cartridge. The world’s biggest and best coffee companies originated from Seattle. I know that after my cup of coffee in the morning, the opportunities of the day seem so much clearer.



CharlestonGet in Gear: Charleston is famous for being the focal point of two key Revolutionary War battles  – the war in which America won its freedom from the British. This freedom inspired the creation of the greatest nation on Earth, and all of the innovation and positive things our great country has accomplished since then. Oh, and the battery looks particularly good with the Smooth Cream cartridge.



ManhattanExplore the World: New York is known as the melting pot of America. People came from all over the world to America and landed in this great city. The city is a place where you can literally experience pretty much any culture in the world. Ever been to Manhattan? You could wander the city forever and never really fully experience it. But if you’re looking for the ultimate gift, there’s a little shop on 82nd that sells the most amazing chocolates…



SpringfieldThe Noble Spirit: Yes! Finally! You have no idea how long we’ve wanted to put out a green battery. Our design team did an outstanding job with the concept behind it, and now it’s a reality. Let green reign and show the world exactly who the best electronic cigarette brand is!


So those are our designer batteries. We hope you enjoy them. They all come in an extremely high quality painted and glazed finish, and are equipped with the same cutting edge technology that’s in all of our batteries.

Click here to check them out!