5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes are known for having one of the most durable and reliable batteries in the electronic cigarette industry, as well as one of the longest lasting and most flavorful cartomizers. But that doesn’t mean a few extra steps won’t go a long way to ensuring you get the most from your electronic cigarette. Below are 5 tips that will keep your electronic cigarette working at its maximum capacity:

  1. Prime the cartomizer: When you inhale on your cartomizer, the atomizer heats the liquid into a rich, smooth vapor. While you’re smoking, the atomizer stays hot, ready for your next puff.
    But when you take your first puff on a cold (or fresh) cartomizer you may experience a slight lack of vapor or flavor.
    An easy way to solve this problem is to prime the cartomizer at the beginning of each smoking session.
    To prime, simply take 2 long, slow puffs on the e-cigarette (many smokers do this anyway with regular cigarettes). This heats the atomizer and prepares the e-cigarette to give you the smoking experience you deserve.
  2. Don’t exhale into the cigarette:  Some people have a habit of exhaling into their cigarette. Doing so with an electronic cigarette can cause the battery to be damaged by the vapor. To increase the life of your battery, simply remove the cigarette from your mouth when exhaling.
  3. Use the battery regularly: Green Smoke® batteries are made with Lithium-Polymer battery cells. These cells are designed to be used with everyday electronic devices. They are used not only with electronic cigarettes, but with most laptops and smartphones that are created these days as well.
    To keep your batteries in optimal condition it’s important to keep the power flowing through the batteries. The more you use the batteries, the longer they’ll last.
  4. Protect your E-cig from impact: This is a given, but as durable as our product is, please don’t expose your e-cig to heat, keep it away from water and protect it from impact. Also don’t run over it with your car, drop it from a 6 story hotel balcony, or run it through the washing machine. (Yes we’ve actually had customers do this and the e-cig worked fine afterwards – but don’t rely on that!)
  5. Don’t fully drain your battery: Recharging your battery not only ensures it lasts a long time, but it also gives you a better smoking experience. When the charge of the battery is low, it will switch to a reserve system which helps lengthen its life, but the downside is that it produces less vapor.
    Here are 3 suggestions of when you should charge your battery:
    a) Each time you change your cartomizer. (This is for the long battery. The short battery might not last through a full cartomizer)
    b) Each day
    c) Every time you’re near a power source

Following these 5 tips will keep your electronic cigarette in optimal working condition.

Have any more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

7 Responses to “5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarette”

  1. Anisely says:

    These tips will be highly useful for new electronic cigarette users. Thanks for post.

  2. Bobby says:

    I have had my Green smoke for 5 months now and my battery is still going strong! Thanks

  3. Daniel says:

    I love the product!

  4. Tammy Biggs says:

    I had a different brand befor Green Smoke and I couldn’t get away from real cigs~urge too great. I have been smoking for over 20yrs now and thanks to Green Smoke I and my husband have not had the desire to go back to regular cigs. Product is easy to use, affordable and feels and tastes like a real cig.

  5. Judy N says:

    I have been smoking for 53 years and began to switch to e-cigarettes approx. 6 months ago. After trying a couple of other brands I tried Greensmoke and love them. They are top quality and dependable, and their customer service is great!! I recommend them frequently to friends who smoke. Even my physician was impressed with my ability to leave real cigarettes behind! My cough immediately disappeared after switching. Prior to using Greensmoke e-cigs i had spent tons of money on smoking cessation programs over the decades, trying the patch, hypnosis, drugs, etc. and nothing succeeded until I tried Greensmoke e-cigarettes. I recommend them highly to everyone who is still smoking!

  6. Jonny says:

    Some great tips on keeping your battery in an optimal condition. These points will give you more battery life and save you money in the long run!

  7. Lindsay says:

    Love Green Smoke. It’s definitely one of the superior brands on the market and one that I enjoy using.

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