Planking and Batting and Owling – Oh My!

Even though planking is perhaps one of the stupidest and laziest trends in recent memory, participants made sure to create a “World Planking Day” (in May). Just what the world needed! But planking has led us to some other weird trends such as owling (which involved posing like an owl on top of a statue) and then…batting.

In case you didn’t already know, these latest fads require participants to take photos of themselves in an unusual pose while in an unusual place. In order to “bat” you need to hang your body upside down, as a bat would and make a V-shape with each arm to resemble wings. While batting seems to be the next phase of evolution in the animal trends, it would be funny if it turned out that batting was just and elaborate way to promote the new Batman movie coming out next year.

While planking was the original form of these posing games, encouraging thousands of people to lay face down in odd and occasionally fatal positions, it actually got started in the early 90s. Why it became so popular all of the sudden isn’t so clear. However, the sudden craze has to do with the trend reaching millions by going “viral” online. Most of the trends have their own Facebook pages and fan sites.

However, recent safety concerns have prompted some lawmakers to take action. In the Philippines, Quezon City representative Winston Castelo has filed a bill called the “Anti-Planking Act of 2011″ after a group of people decided to plank at a busy roundabout in Manila and brought traffic to a halt. Will this call more attention and attract more followers to this pointless activity? Only time will tell.

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