Smoking Electronic Cigarettes in a Smoke-Free Apartment

smoke-free-apartmentNew York City. The city that never sleeps.

It’s also a city that has set up some big hurdles for smokers.

This past May, New York City passed a law that forbade smoking in almost every public area in the city – including public parks.

This posed a big problem for smokers, who already weren’t allowed to smoke in bars, restaurants, stadiums or at work. Most New Yorkers also don’t have cars so that wasn’t an option as a place to smoke, and it’s illegal to smoke in cabs, buses, and other forms of public transportation.

So where can a smoker enjoy their cigarette? In their apartment? Probably not, given that most apartments in New York City are smoke-free.

Areas where a smoker can enjoy there cigarette are extremely limited.

Regarding the issue of apartment buildings, there are 2 main reasons why they are smoke-free: 1) Apartment owners don’t want to have their buildings smelling like smoke and 2) there’s a risk of starting a fire that comes with smoking traditional cigarettes. If a smoker falls asleep with their cigarette lit, or throws it out before it’s been completely ashed, they could burn down the entire building.

So what’s a smoker to do? Where can they enjoy their cigarette?

Well maybe the question isn’t where but more how.

If the issue isn’t the cigarettes themselves, if it’s the fire risk and odor, there’s actually a simply solution.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes.

These cigarettes provide smokers with a great rich flavor and high smoke volume and they emit no lingering odor.

And because they’re electric, there’s no fire. Therefore they do not have the same risk of damaging an apartment like traditional cigarettes.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are a great alternative and any smoker who’s looking for a way out of the maze of “where can I smoke” should definitely consider electronic cigarettes as the solution to their problems.

We recommend that you check with your landlord first and explain that smoking an electronic cigarette doesn’t pose any risks. Once you’ve done that you can sit back and enjoy the cigarette in your “smoke-free” apartment!

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