Last Chance To Submit For The Super Bowl XLV Challenge

Super Bowl XLV is coming up this Sunday.

The Super Bowl is much more than a football game. The Super Bowl has become, well some would call it a media circus, but really it has become such a major event that has created sub-events and spinoff events and parties and so much more than just the football game which is at the center of it all. That is besides for the advertising involved, as the Super Bowl is famous for the ad spots that run on television throughout the game, especially ads for companies such as Go Daddy, Budweiser beers, and plenty of others.

Yet one other aspect of the great Super Bowl Sunday is the contests around the game. Of course there is the betting on who will win and what the score will be along with individual accomplishments, but we won’t talk about that (shhh…). Besides for that there are all the companies that capitalize on the interest in the Super Bowl and hold their own contests, challenges and raffles. As mentioned, the Super Bowl has become a humongous event and  there is so much more going on than just a football game.

Green Smoke, the leader in electronic cigarettes,  is also running a Super Bowl challenge. And this is to remind you that the Super Bowl is this Sunday and your ability to enter the Super Bowl XLV Challenge is coming close to an end. Sign up now, figure out which team you think will win the Super Bowl and what the final score will be, and grab your chance to win a free iPad.

Good luck and may the best man, and team, win.


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