Just Goes to Show – Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Focus on your dreams

Most years the month of February is pretty quiet in the sports world.

The Super Bowl is over. It’s an entire month before baseball spring training and even longer until the NBA playoffs.

Sports fans typically hunker down during the month of February.

But this year – as any sports fan can tell you – there’s a sensation that’s sprung out of nowhere. And his name is Jeremy Lin.

What makes Lin a sensation is not just his outstanding performance on the basketball court – it’s his back story. How he went from a nobody, to starting point guard for the New York Knicks.

He’s one of the first American basketball players of Asian descent to play in the NBA. What’s interesting is that he stands tall at 6 foot, 3 inches. Both of his parents are a head shorter than him.

Against all odds he made it to the NBA. He was undrafted, he was cut from 2 teams – he only made it to the Knicks because he was claimed off waivers from the Houston Rockets.

He was a 3rd string point guard and due to some injuries by the starting players he was called into a game against the New Jersey Nets.

He drew some serious attention when he scored 25 points, had 5 rebounds and 7 assists in the game. It was obvious that the Knicks won due to his outstanding performance.

He was selected to start in the next game and didn’t stop, scoring 28 points with 8 assists.

And he hasn’t stopped. He’s become a media sensation and is outperforming almost every other player on the court.

What’s interesting is that he just signed a contract this week. Up until now he’d been sleeping in his brother’s apartment. He was worried that he was going to be cut and didn’t want to commit to any major expenses.

He’s someone who had nothing except the clothes on his back and a drive to succeed.

The lesson we can pull from him is to never give up on your dreams. If you have a dream hold onto it – even if everyone says that you can’t do it, even if they say every possible reason why you can’t do it – stay on course.

Jeremy Lin had every reason to quit. He didn’t get any scholarships going into college. He was undrafted out of college. He was cut from 2 NBA teams, had to deal with racial issues.

And now he has basketball fans excited in a way they haven’t been in a long time.

And it’s because he represents hope. Hope to hold onto your dream. Hope to go against every odd and become the best.

And that’s something to take to heart.

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